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Toadfly Technologies has successfully re-engineered the contractor’s process which reflects in their overall profitability, efficiency, and accuracy. We understand there isn’t a one-stop-shop solution waiting for you on a shelf that will help your business grow.

We have spent the last decade creating a suite of contractor tools for every aspect of a turnaround that will evolve your company to it’s fullest potential. We take pride in the amount of time we devote to understanding your company’s needs and tailoring our existing tools for your overall success. Proven in both small and large companies, we have diligently worked with our customers to deliver our product which results in the key to success.


ATOM-C 3.0 is a precise and automatic method for tracking employee/ contractor labor hours using event data from your existing database. ATOM-C 3.0 provides managers with real-time reporting along with historical views of employee and contractor attendance. ATOM -C 3.0 eliminates the need for manual data entry, chasing down missing time cards or waiting for labor costs. Time sheets are automatically sent by ATOM-C 3.0 to the appropriate individuals for revision and approval thus eliminating the delay in their receipt and impact on payroll. This web-based system allows any approved employee to access the system to check real time cost and hours. ATOM-C 3.0 is now configured with HID brand of attendance card readers, but can be integrated with any other brand of card reading systems.

How the atom portable
badge system works

ATOM PTK (Portable Timekeeping)  is our very own design that uses a convenient and portable tablet stand which can be carried easily within a job site – based on the ATOM 3.0 system. ATOM PTK is the perfect solution for remote and temporary locations where a timekeeping system is needed, but a permanent system is not necessary. Employees and contractors can badge in/out by swiping their cards by the sides of the PTK. Data is then sent to Toadfly servers though an Internet connection. From there, managers can access the ATOM web application and view realtime punches, timesheets, attendance, reports, cost reports, manhour reports, etc.

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All tools within the Contractor Solutions Suite have the ability to work independently; or in any combination with our other Contractor Solutions Suite  to further provide a complete and total workflow.


Current Jobs Viewable At One Time
Automatic Emails Of Daily Timesheets 
Equipment And Material Costing
Profit Calculations By Job
Integrated With Our Mobile App
Enable Quick Invoicing
Daily Headcount Reports
Manage Your Work Force By Craft

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