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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) - ATOM

What is ATOM?

A tool to collect contractor labor, material, and equipment costs in one system that will produce timesheets that are automatically emailed to selected approvers. It can produce a variety of reports to show historical attendance and spending patterns over a given time period. It works at your site using your card reading or badging system and it’s available as a remote system for off-site work locations where a badging system isn’t available.

Which web browsers is ATOM compatible with?

ATOM works best with Google Chrome web browser. But it supports all major web browsers such as Microsoft Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc.

Does ATOM support LDAP to Active Directory for authentication?

Yes, ATOM can validate user access against LDAP. Therefore, administrator does not have to create new user accounts and passwords to provide access to ATOM.

What security measures are in place for data protection, privacy and identity management?

ATOM allows the administrator to assign permissions to users individually. Each user will be assigned profiles as per their access level and security clearance.

Can ATOM interface with our Access Control System?

Yes, ATOM can interface with any Access Control System.

Can a contracting company have access to ATOM?

Yes, the administrator can create a user account with contractor specific profile and provide access to the projects that it is involved in. So the contractor is able to run reports directly instead of relying on owner company personnel.

What is your Software License model? Are licenses issued on a named user or concurrent user basis?

ATOM licenses are issued per location or enterprise basis.

What costs can be tracked using ATOM?

ATOM can track the cost of Labor, Per Diem, Equipment rental and Materials or miscellaneous on a daily basis.

What is a typical allocation process followed in ATOM?

ATOM calculates contractor hours based on the In and Out readings through the gate access control system. A timesheet is send to the contractors next morning. Contractors allocate hours to the purchase orders and sends back to ATOM approvers, who then import and approve timesheets in ATOM. Costs can be calculated at any point of the process before approving.

Is it possible to add multiple contracts for a contracting company?

Yes. Multiple contracts or rate sheets can be created for a contracting company. Each contract is valid for a specified date range.

Can a timekeeper allocate more hours than the calculated hours? What would ATOM do in such cases?

Yes. The timekeeper can allocate more hours than the calculated hours. These will be logged as exceptions and approvers can approve or unapprove the exceptions.