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Below are some of the most frequently asked questions about the IPS.

How do I change the Permissions/Role for a user?

Go to System Maintenance > Global tab and select the User Management option from the submenu then Profile. In order to setup a new profile, Add New Profile top of the right side corner. Name a new profile and select update, the new profile will be added in profile grid at this point. Next click Set Permission for each column representing each categories permission and the following screen will appear.  Manually select the authority of each menu and by expanding each submenu shows, this selection breaks down each tab and drop-down menu by View, Add/Edit, Delete, Export and Import. Once complete the save the new profile. By using checkbox according to status, the permission will be enabled by saving.

How do I add a new user?

To setup a new user, go to the System Maintenance drop down then go through Global and select User Management then User. Select Add New User, and then fill in Username, Password, Name, and Permission/Role

How do I add/edit an Event?

Click on the Events & Scope Items tab. Select Events. To add an Event, click the Add button in the upper, right-hand corner of the screen. Once clicked, you will see a new record/row added to the grid/table. Enter the Event details in their respective textboxes. There are several sections to complete, and once completed, click the Check icon to successfully save. To edit an Event, click the Edit.  icon on the right-hand side of the row to be edited. Enter or change the details of the Event in their respective textboxes. To save, click the Check. icon.

How do I access eWall Chart through IPS?

The eWall Chart screen can be accessed from the Events & Scope Items Menu, eWall Chart  Sub menu. eWall Chart Codes, Columns, and Colors can also be accessed through this submenu.

Where do I access the IFR Tracker?

The IFR Tracker screen can be accessed from the Events & Scope Items Menu, IFR Tracker Sub menu.

How do I add/edit equipment?

To add new Equipment, click the Add button in the upper, right-hand corner. To write a Scope Item, the piece of Equipment must in the Master Equipment List. A new row will appear on the screen. The user can then add specific unit information under the Event. Enter the details of the Equipment in their respective text boxes. To submit, click the Check icon. On successful submission, the data will be saved in the grid. If Equipment is considered a “shared’’ piece of equipment, then add that piece to both units. This will allow you to add the equipment to a Scope Item in either of the units.

To edit an individual piece of Equipment, you will need to select the “Edit“ icon. A row will open to display textboxes. Edit, as necessary. Make the changes as needed and then click the Save icon.

How do I create a Job Plan?

There are multiple ways to populate a job plan:

  • Create Job Plan from scratch
  • Import Job Plan
  • Import Template by Equipment Type/Number

For the Job Plan tab to be enabled the “Planner Field Walk” but be complete and marked as such on the Package Status tab. Refer to Section 3.7.1 in the IPS Training Manual.

How do I add Planner Documents and Drawing Documents?

To add a new document, select the document type in the dropdown and click the Select/Drag files here button in the Planner Docs section. Select your file from your hard drive. 

To print the Planner Documents, select the Print All (Images,Word,PDF,PowerPoint) button.

Document Control can add documents at the Scope Item level or move from the Planner doc to the Doc Control are by clicking the Transfer Doc button. To attach a new document from the Docs Hub to an individual scope item, click the Attach from Docs Hub button in the Doc Control Docs section. A new window will open. There is two tabs Doc Control Docs by Event and Doc Control Docs by Location. Select the document you wish to add then click the Attach button accordingly. 

(Note: Document must be previously saved in the Document Hub.)

Where do I manage my BOM (Materials)?

All execution materials required will be entered on the Materials tab of the Scope Item form. Then select the BOM tab. To add a new Materials record, click the Add icon in the Materials section. A new row will appear. Fill in the details and click the Save button. To edit, click on the Edit icon next to the Materials record you would like to edit. Fields will turn into editable textboxes. Make appropriate changes and click the Save icon when you are finished. To delete a Material Record, click on the Delete Icon next to the Materials record you would like to delete. To confirm the deletion, select Ok. To go back, click Cancel

How do I export/import the Current Plan?

To export the Job Plan to Primavera, go to the P6 Menu and from the drop-down menus. Select P6 Export. This export is typically done once during a TA. The export is generated in XSL format once the Job Plan has been exported to Primavera. The Job Plan is disabled and then Imported to the Primavera box once the Scope Items Detail turns red. It can only be unlocked by an admin.

To import the Current Primavera plan into IPS, go to the P6 Menu and from the drop-down menus, select P6 Daily Import. The Primavera plan must first be exported from Primavera in the accepted XLS format. The entire schedule is loaded into IPS. Only the activities associated with that individual Scope Item will be displayed on the current tab page. A new window will appear. Click the Choose File button and select the appropriate file. Then click Upload.

Where do I go if I want to restore a deleted Scope Item?

This section can be accessed from the Events &Scope Items drop-down menu by selecting Restore Scope Items. All the deleted scope items will be shown in this screen. Click on the restore the scope item.

How do I access the IPS Mobile App?

This section can be accessed from the Events &Scope Items drop-down menu by selecting IPS Mobile APP. Follow the on-screen instructions to scan the QR Code to login to the APP.

What do I do if IPS is slow/is not loading?

If you are encountering issues with IPS loading slowly or not loading at all, contact your IPS support team and we will address the issue as soon as possible. 

How can I change my permissions as a user?

Contact your IPS Administrator and ask for a change in your permissions. Changing roles and permissions is a function only accessible to Administrators.