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integrate, maintain, and reduce risks

ISV is a web-based application that enables departments to track maintenance, equipment & safety movements in real-time, reducing the probability of congested work spaces and the risks associated with close proximity work.


IPV is a web-based application that fully transforms a CPM schedule into a 2-D model illustrating the progress and/or scenarios for a project. With IPV’s web-based features and integration with your firm’s organization structure, it will allow the appropriate end users to view status reports for all current, past, and future projects in real time as they become available.


Web-Based Application
User-Friendly Interface
Admin Functionality
Zoom In/Out Function
Rental Equipment
Customization Options

maximize efficiency while reducing overall cost

ISV’s simple, user-friendly interface and administrative features take the hassle out of updating changes. ISV’s drawings are easily updated to reflect current data, further reducing cost by eliminating the need for a CAD user. This allows for quick responses and accurate information to be relayed in real time. ISV can maximize a facilities efficiency while reducing overall costs – making ISV the future of Plant Departmental Integration.

Event logistics in a simple application

Industrial Status Viewer allows the logistics coordinator to easily see the big picture in a visual format. The end user can see a site overview plan and then simply drag & drop to place or move equipment inside a specific area. This not only increases efficiency, but it can drastically reduce the budget for professional AutoCAD services for equipment layout. ISV supports logistic coordinators by allowing them to do more with less man hours.

Cloud Based application

ISV is a web-based application, so there is no need to install any additional software other than the free Silverlight plugin from Microsoft. In addition, ISV doesn’t require an onsite hosting solution. All data and storage is housed on Toadfly’s own servers behind Cisco firewalls with restricted physical access. It is then streamed to the customer’s facility in a highly encrypted format assuring the security of your data.

Alerts via reports or emails

Email alerts can reduce lost revenue by decreasing man hours lost while waiting for equipment to arrive, as well as getting equipment off site on a timely basis in order to avoid extra charges. ISV can also identify and/or eliminate the double booking of real estate and assets for maximum site efficiency.

Environmental Reports and Forecasting

The environmental streamlining capabilities of ISV allow the end user to forecast emissions while reducing tedious calculations. You can take full advantage of the numerous functionalities of ISV by using client specific alerts to avoid possible regulatory infractions.

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