Simplify manpower management


Timekeeping and Labor Management

Get real-time reporting along with historical views of employee and contractor attendance.

Toadfly ATOM is a precise automatic web-based system tracking employee/contractor labor hours using event data from your existing database. No need for manual data entry, chasing down missing timecards, or waiting for labor costs. Timesheets are automatically sent by ATOM to the appropriate individuals for revision and approval, thus eliminating the delay in their receipt and impact on payroll. ATOM allows any approved employee to access the system to check real-time costs and hours. ATOM is configured with HID brand of attendance card readers but can also be integrated with any other card reading systems.
Toadfly -T2

Key Features

  • User-friendly interface
  • Automatic emailing of timesheets
  • Real-time tracking
  • Customizable reports
  • Direct sync with accounting software
  • Designed for fixed locations and mobile crews
  • Dashboard and S Curves
  • Historical reports
  • IPS interface with canned IPS reports

Flexible and Efficient

  • Captures all cost for Events (Labor, Equipment and Material)
  • ATOM helps to settle the cost on a daily basis
  • Produces contractor cost report daily/weekly
  • Better way to handle the employee accountability
  • Eliminates paper timesheets and invoice disputes
  • Able to push approved hours and cost to third-party accounting systems

From web-based time clocks to physical turnstiles, ATOM has the right option to fit your organization’s environment. No matter the method of automated time data collection, ATOM is built for accuracy, security, flexibility and control. With ATOM, employees are paid only for the hours and minutes they work, while you enjoy easy approval and automatic flow to payroll.

System Maintenance

  • Customizable libraries
  • Global change
  • Role-based security with unlimited customer-defined roles
  • Integration with active directories
  • Full control of access
  • Events
  • Read only / Edit / Delete Access