Ensure you execute the necessary scope not just the preferred scope



Evaluate the proposed work scope and assign risks.

Toadfly SCOPE allows you to evaluate the proposed work scope by assigning risks and probability indices to each scope item. Data is based on the likelihood of success, the potential impact on operability, environmental regulations, requirements, or safe practices and procedures. SCOPE also helps answer the central question: Does it really need to be performed during this turn- around, or can it be done later? A customizable matrix and challenge questions help you quickly identify items that must be done, should be done or could be done.

Toadfly SCOPE is more than software. It’s a service.

A senior Toadfly turnaround consultant can help take the emotion out of the challenge process. Toadfly will work with you on-site, performing the formal scope challenges to help determine the “right” scope for your upcoming event. Our senior consultant will coordinate the session with your management, operations, mechanical integrity, and reliability team leaders.

Key Features

  • Determine risk on scope Items
  • Coordination with senior TA Leaders
  • Consultant throughout the entire process (optional)
  • Configurable Matrix System
  • Scope Evaluation based on ROI
Toadfly -T2

What we learn from scope challenges

  • Scope clarification
  • Work scope repeatability
  • Buy-in from all key stakeholders
  • Identify high versus low complexity scope
  • Identify critical path work early

Understanding the data

SCOPE presents a complete holistic view to help determine a project’s complexity, ensuring the maximum amount of work with minimum downtime. SCOPE can also provide customized reporting with concise analytical data from the project as a whole and the individual work-package level.

Flexibility to adjust to scope changes.

Users can establish automatic triggers for inclusion or rejection from the project scope. Scope items can be reviewed at any time and automatic triggers can be overridden. SCOPE operates interactively with Toadfly IPS. Items reviewed and approved or rejected in SCOPE are automatically updated in IPS and included in summary reports pulled during the scope challenge process. These reports eliminate the need to maintain multiple files or documents as you proceed through the scope review process. SCOPE automatically stores all data for review for future events.