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What our customers have to say

Toadfly’s Management and Programmers have worked closely with our organization to modify their product to meet our needs. They have been very coop- erative as we have expanded the program’s capabilities. IPS has allowed us to increase our planning efficiency and fine-tune our forecasting.
Toadfly Technologies
International Chemical Company
IPS added a discipline and structure in our turnaround planning and estimating with its state of the art multi-user structured web application platform. Moreover it reduced 15% of turnaround planning and management expenses and has already paid off the software cost.
Toadfly Technologies
Major Refining Company
Toadfly's Employee Charting System has completely streamlined the way we manage our employee's and project staffing needs. Toadfly's Project Team was able to turn our vision into reality in ways no box-type solution could have done. Toadfly's commitment to our success has assured us that we chose the right partner in our technology needs!
Toadfly Technologies
Altair Strickland