Monitor, communicate and control scope change through electronic routing


Electronic change request

See the impact of electronic change requests as they happen.

Toadfly Electronic Change Request software automates scope change management by electronically routing electronic change requests throughout the planning and approval or rejection process. This rapid-fire system gives your leadership team time to see the full impact of a change in scope and all the details necessary to make the correct decisions.

Keep your team ahead of surprises.

ECR integrates seamlessly with IPS. Immediately see the result of a change request in your cost forecast. Trigger the creation of an electronic change request based on IPS scope freeze settings to help your organization enforce industry standard scope control procedures.
Toadfly -T2

Key Features

  • Electronic routing
  • Auto-create new scope items with new ECR
  • Estimate by contractor or multiple contractors
  • Detailed breakout of labor, materials and equipment
  • Contingency/ Discovery Drawdown
  • Attach documents for detail and clarity
  • KPI Categories
  • Graphical and tabular reports
  • ECR Dashboard
  • Integration with IPS


The ECR module offers dozens of pre-formatted detailed and summary level reports as well as user-customizable reports. See lifecycle status of the ECR, the count and trend information all in one dashboard view.

Project-specific Structure

Roles and responsibilities change based on an events size and complexity. Our software allows you to tailor your list of project users and assign specific roles and delegation of authority levels at a location level as well as at the project level.