Ensure each project phase is ready and your team is in sync



See your project progress instantly — in real-time.

Accurate alignment across your organization is the path toward a successful turnaround. Toadfly Pathready provides a comprehensive list of industry-accepted best practices for specific roles. You can gauge understanding of these practices and alignment across your organization through a series of interviews. Interviews can be completed online or in person. You can identify gaps early in the turnaround development process before they become real issues.

Pathready uses weighted answers to the interview questions to instantly produce graphs and a scorecard with overall and category performance grades. The category-specific interviews gauge your organization’s knowledge and understanding of the complete turnaround process. You’ll know immediately which areas need focused attention and which are on track for a successful turnaround.

Toadfly -T2

Key Features

  • Customizable interview questions
  • Phase-specific interviews
  • Questions tailored to specific categories & disciplines
  • Data presented via Scorecard Report and Graphs

Quickly See

  • Status of Preparation
  • Status of Alignment
  • Overall Scoreboard
  • Anticipated Outcome of Schedule and Costs